BTS "Dynamite" Single

BTS "Dynamite" Single

BTS has announced that their new single "Dynamite" will be releasing on August 21!

During a Twitter live stream, the members shared that the "Dynamite" single will be an English release just like "Mic Drop" and "Waste It On Me".  They've hinted that this is an upbeat song, saying that when they first heard and recorded the song they were energized and their mood was lifted up.  BTS has also mentioned they can't wait to share this song with ARMYs!

Along with this much anticipated release, BigHit has also released Dynamite cassette tape and vinyl records, which all count towards Billboard charts.  They were in such hot demand they all sold out in an hour.  

Thankfully, ARMYS that didn't manage to snag a cassette tape or vinyl records have the Dynamite Merch to look forward to.  These will be releasing in September, although the exact date is still to be confirmed by BigHit.  

Lately, we've been noticing that BigHit is releasing music videos to sync with the BTS Army Bomb Ver 3 and BTS Map of the Soul Special Edition Army Bomb.  We're very curious to know if Dynamite will be one of them!

We definitely can't wait for the release!

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