BTS "Love Yourself" ARMY Ring

BTS "Love Yourself" ARMY Ring

Does any ARMY remember when SUGA asked ARMYs to keep their fourth finger bare?  SUGA had previously playfully asked ARMY to keep their ring finger free to accept his marriage proposal. 

(Here's a reminder in case anyone forgot):

"Hi, I'm Suga Keep your fourth finger bare from today...^^" 

"Keep your fourth finger bare... Because I'm going to propose."
As a man of his words, Suga has his promise!

Look at his hand during the BTS concert that was held in Seoul.
If you look closely, he has a ring on his ring finger.
If you look even closer, you can see it is the BTS ARMY couple ring, and symbolizes the union between BTS and ARMY.  The rings have "BTS" and "ARMY" engraved inside and are meant to be worn together, just like BTS can never be without ARMY and vice-versa!

He is so sweet. ARMYs who have purchased the merchandise are happy and relieved that he 'kept his promise' (and can now call themselves "Mrs. Min"? hehe)

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