Stray Kids Go 生 Album

Stray Kids Go 生 Album

Stray Kids' first studio album Go 生 (Live) was released on June 17, 2020.  The group wrote, composed and arranged all songs in the album (talk about talented), and was produced by 3RACHA.

The title song "神 (God) Menu" has a strong addictive and unforgettable beat.  The original meaning of the song title where the word 'God' and 'New" are interchangeable; the new song is referred to as a dish, and the listeners are drawn to the menu.

The performance of the songs in this album are very experimental, and the experiment pays off!  Using graffiti effects, listeners and viewers can feel the living and breathing of the music being expressed visually.

There are also notable collaboration with well-known musicians.

On track #1, "Go Life", MNDR (winner of the 2017 Grammy Awards for :Best Dance/Electronic Album Award" for his work "Skin" in collaboration with Flume),  and Peter Wade keusch (musician who has worked with artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Charlie XCX), assisted with the composition and arrangement of the track.  

Track #3 "Easy" had Mike Daley (who has co-worked with major artists such as Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Henry Oyekanmi, Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake) assist and credited with the production.  

​Stray Kids not only showcases their inherent charisma in this album, but also displays the novel synergy by the group and world-renowned musicians and producers.

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